COVID 19 How To Get Rid Of Anxiety and Depression During

Covid 19 is stressful for many people in the world. Due to this pandemic, all the educational institutions, offices, restaurants, parks, and malls were closed. There was no place for people to go and have a peaceful time. Many people lost their jobs; many people have to face downfall in their businesses. Covid-19 affected the global economy badly. 

It was hard for working people to sit home without going to their jobs for a long time. Secondly, seeing the same news and reports about COVID 19 made people depressed. 

In this article, I’ll tell you about a few main symptoms and how to eliminate Anxiety and Depression and you would feel tension free after reading this article.


Physical Symptoms of Depression:

• Muscle or body aches. 

• Feeling inactive or quite frequently. 

• Fever or Fatigue. 

• Oversleeping 

Emotional Symptoms of Depression:

• No interest in any activities. 

• Restlessness. 

• Constant feeling of sadness. 

• Absent emotions.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety: 

• Palpitate heart. 

• Tiredness. 

• Body pain. 

• Unsatisfying sleep.

Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety: 

• Panic. 

• Difculty speaking. 

• Feeling Burdened. 

• Lack of concentration. 

These all were the physical and emotional symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. Now I’ll explain how to overcome and get rid of them. 

Here are some tips for handling your Anxiety and Depression:

Be with your loved ones:

Being around your loved ones helps you improve the functioning stage of your nervous system. Never hesitate to share your feelings and thoughts with your partner. This thing will help you handle your Anxiety. Maybe they can give a better suggestion to manage your issue. 

Avoid Negativity

Avoid seeing the unhelpful and misinformation news and reports. Avoid all those things that spread negativity, and you think they cause Anxiety or Depression. The more we hear and read about COVID 19, the more frightening it will become. It will become hard for us to distract ourselves. Limiting your manifestation to media and news about COVID 19 will help you quell your panic.

Sensory Calmness:

Look at something enjoyable. Smell your favorite fragrance, and surround yourself with it. Listen to something which makes you feel relaxed and change your mood. Hold any object that is very pleasant to touch and also diverts your mind. 

Look After Your Health:

Take proper sleep at night. Take healthy meals on time, take an apple, a glass of milk, and some nuts once a day, Go for a morning walk. Do exercise in your daily routine. Avoid smoking and excessive drugs. Must take 8 hours sleep at night.

Help Others:

You can help your parents and your siblings in their work. Assisting others helps to make you feel better. It is a perfect habit of being kind and compassionate to each other.

Take a Breath:

When you feel burdened, go out, stand under the sky, and start taking a few slow deep breaths. It will calm your feelings, and if it doesn’t feel better, try what you think will help you relax.

Things that bring you a boost:

Give yourself time and only focus on things that you like and bring you a boost. Watch entertaining movies, read comedy stories to distract your Anxiety and Depression because of COVID 19. Do yoga in the morning. Get a relaxing massage as well.


Anxiety and Depression are preeminent public health issues. Always try to overcome all your problems on time. Always stay optimistic about things. A healthy mind is as essential as a healthy body. COVID-19 didn’t harm people with the virus only. It hurt many people with severe Anxiety and Depression as well. Take all these steps to get rid of Anxiety and Depression and improve your emotional health.

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Malaika Ijaz

Very informative and helpful.

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