Rajasthan Visit : Why you should go?

Rajasthan Visit is a major tourist destination in India, which is part of the great Thar desert. The State’s history is great and its culture colorful. Many cultures have been brought into the country by dynamic history.

The old buildings and the busy modern cities flourish together today, making them at least once in your life one of the royal cities. Read the top reasons for the Rajasthan visit here:

Rajasthan Visit

Rajasthan Visit
Rajasthan Visit

1. Royal and Great Palaces

The main difference in Rajasthan’s structure with other historical destinations in the country is royal. Many palaces, Havelis, fortifications, and other constructions built since the 12th and earlier centuries can be found.

These remarkable buildings are a welcome banner for those who want to discover the historic beauty of the country. Rajasthan’s top forts and palaces include Amer Palace, City Palace, Jaisalmer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, and more.

2. Royal Stay Hotels in Heritage

This is not just a sightseeing tourist site. There are numerous palaces which are now converted into historic Hotels if you are ready to live like a royal heritage during your holidays.

The royal decor and the comfort that is common among the Royals are still in these hotels. The best of everything is Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace. There are also other Rajasthan heritage hotels, such as Samode Palace, Rambagh Palace, Taj Lake Palace, and more.

You’ve got to find different budget-based accommodations from simple stays to boutique hotels when you stick to your budget. It is recommended that you try the luxury trains in the country if you want to stay royalties all throughout the holiday. Rajasthan covers most of the luxury train routes.

3. Stay for the Fauna

It’s a desert state of Rajasthan. This does not mean that the entire state has rolling thorn bushes, cactus, and sand acres in the stereotypical wilderness scenario. The nature of Rajasthan is as varied as its culture. Many beautiful forest areas can be found which are transformed into wildlife parks.

Safaris and walking tours are well known among nature lovers and photographers. In these parks. Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh National Park, and others are state-leading national parks. These national parks are best visited during the winter season.

4. The Color Coded Cities

Thanks to history, nature, and architecture, every city is embedded in a color. Thanks to the golden yellow wilderness sand, the Jaisalmer is Golden City. To welcome the Prince of Wales, Jaipur was painted as Pink City. The Blue City is the town of Jodhpur. It’s dipped in the blue literally.

During the royal era, only the Royals and people of the upper caste were permitted to use the royal blue paint. All of them painted their houses in the forbidden royal blue and became the Blue City following independence. Thanks to the lakes and white palaces, Udaipur is the White City.

5. Festivals colorful

The festivals are the best of all Indian cultural elements. The festivals are even more solely beautiful thanks to the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. Without a grand festival, not a month goes by. The best of all will be the Teej Festival, Elephant Fair, Desert Festival, International Kite Festival, Pushkar Fair, and many more.

Cultural performances are one of the main elements of the festival. The main dance and music heritage of each state region is their own. Kalbelias, Bhavai dances, Kathputli dances, Kacchi Ghodi, Terah Taali, and more are all top traditional dancings for you to enjoy.

6. Events Once-In-A-Lifetime

Rajasthan is known for its unparalleled nature and heritage. These are a unique way to enjoy moonlight dinners in the middle of the desert, camping in the desert, tigers spotting, hot-air ballooning, dune bashing, elephant forts, elephant painting, zip-lining, etc. After all, unique experiences make your holiday memorable.

7. Experience Shopping

The territory is rich in cultural elements, and therefore the artisan area is full of unique items. In addition, the camel hair and skin items are unique souvenirs of the country.

The lively clothing, leather accessories, and, most importantly, the spices on the land are only an introduction to Rajasthan’s shop-mania. Some of the top shopping destinations are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer.

8. Desert Kitchen At Your Best

Don’t underestimate what a desert can offer. Desert berries, spices, bowls, and beans are the main ingredients. The land is rich in animal wealth on the other hand. Milk and meat make up the vegetable area for what is missing. The dessert section is full of milk delicacies.

In addition, the cuisine uses the best possible vegetables to create an experience for royal dining for all vegetarian cuisines. The food is spicy and depends on the right food taste. Dal Bati curma, Rajasthani thali, Laal maas, bhuna kukda, and others are the best classic dishes to be tried.

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