Why do you need an WIFI extender for the range?

Many people who chose to set up the WiFi range extender don’t know where the WiFi extender network issue lies. Let this be clarified to us.

Suppose you’re in the middle of a customer meeting, and all of a sudden, the WiFi signals drop in the room. Or, when beginning to cook when the network gets lost, you’ve got your favourite recipe video ready on YouTube.

The immediate response is to check what’s wrong, and you’re going to look for a room where you get the network bars again after that. But unfortACunately, it would all take too long for you to enjoy everything you were doing. Frustration is the consequence. Linksys Extender Setup is one of the best extender brands.

Now, imagine if, when being online, you never had to experience any of these interruptions. What a wireless extender does is this. You don’t even know, and without you even knowing, the system keeps transmitting your WiFi signal to every room you are sitting or moving in.

Read the second last segment of this article to read about how to configure the WiFi range extender.

WIFI Extender

What makes it so popular with extenders?

Wireless range extenders have gained a crucial status, the first of which is extremely advanced. By directing the network to specific devices, a WiFi extender is packed with beamforming technology that brings reliable and fast signals. This function is given for all extender models, including the WiFi range extender configuration.

In addition, these extenders are known for handling network traffic and access point data flow. Nearly all extender models are capable of serving as an access point, which ensures that the advantages are multiplied. The company has also come up with several versions, i.e. 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz, offering both frequencies.

In addition, many advanced models such as the WiFi range extender setup are less expensive and yet they are so efficient and beneficial for performing your basic to mid-range online tasks.

Models from are famous for their selection. Your extender not only amplifies the network around the house or office when built, but also outside to such areas such as a garage, swimming pool, patio, etc. With the WiFi range extender setup as well, this is valid.


The second explanation why the business enjoys great market share is that it is very easy to instal and customise these products. You only need to access the setup wizard for Genie and follow some basic instructions. To learn exactly how to set up the WiFi range extender, scroll down.

WiFi Range Extender is a compact model with many characteristics that are required. The system is easy to use and handle, all thanks to its small size.

  1. Supporting Dual-Band
    Extender operates on both frequencies: 5GHz and 2.5GHz, which means that it is ideal for both the range and speed of WiFi. You can use the higher frequency when you need more speed after the WiFi range extender setup and use the lower one when your concern is coverage.
  2. More Smartly Use Both Bands
    This machine is fitted with Fastlane technology, which is the unique feature of all extenders. It helps you to use both frequencies simultaneously so that more advantages can be reaped than before.
  3. With advanced hardware, Efficient Range
    Some Extenders have an internal antenna array and high-power amplifiers for full coverage of the building. That means that the range of WiFi signals can cover most corners of your house narrowly.
  4. All Modern Routers Compatible
    It works well for HD video streaming and gaming with any router. If the process is complete, your computers, smartphones, and iPads can be easily linked.
  5. Support for WPS Drive
    This setting can also be used to customize your WiFi range extender. With the WPS (i.e. WiFi Secure Setup) feature, the Extender matches the company’s other premium extenders again. Just one push of the WPS button and without placing your login credentials, you’re connected to your WiFi.
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